Random blue screen underload?

ive had this pc for just under a year ive got a ecs 780gm-a, athlon64 x2 5600+ ,8gb ddr2 800 ,onboard video, 200gig hdd so for the past year ive had a 32bit os i finiley got a 64bit i loaded up got all the 64bit drivers but it keeps blue screening when i do windows experince so i tried 3dmarks06 and before it loads i blue screen ive done every thing i can think of so some help please :pt1cable:
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  1. full system specs. Did you ever run 3dmark06 when it was running 32 bit OS? You can try running memtest to check your ram, prime 95 to check your CPU, furmark to check the GPU, and prime95 + furmark to check the power supply.
  2. cooler master elite 335

    athlon 64 x2 5600+

    8gb kinston 800 cas6

    onboard hd3200

    300w psu

    200gig hdd
    yes i cpould run 3dmark on 32 bit
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