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I just recently built a new computer and need some advice on what video card to purchase for it. As of now, these are the parts:
Intel i5-750
Gigbye P55-UD3R Motherboard
4gb (2x2gb) G.SKILL Ripjaw RAM

As of now I have three choices I think would be best; Radeon HD 4890, 5770, or 5850. I will mainly be using this computer for gaming, Photoshop, and then surfing the internet/listening to music etc. Also, this be my computer I will probably be using all through college (currently a senior in high school) so I would prefer not to have too spend to much in the next four years if possible.

And lastly, seeing as I am a senior, money is an issue. Although I know I am capable of making $250, I would like opinions on whether the video card would be worth its money/effort.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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  1. lower then 1920x1080 i would go for the HD 5770 1920x1080 i would go for the HD 5850

    ATM i have a 1680x1050 22" and my HD 5850 does grate, Today i hooked up my 40" Samsung 1920x1080 TV to my system and it did grate on that as well

    didn't you ask this before ?
  2. If you want it to last a while with no future upgrades go for the 5850. You probably won't have to XFire those any time.
  3. Plug ya budget in here and go,2521.html

    Tho as stated above, I would not consider the 5770 if I was doing 1920 resolution.
  4. Is it just me or is it that has a good calculator for the video card someone wants to get and sometimes even free shipping?
  5. well its like this.....4890<5770<5850.........I say try the 5770. If you got the money then 5850
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