Hi can some one tell me which of these is better

what is better for gaming a 3.2 ghz dual core or a 2.6 ghz quad core thanks
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  1. Depends on the game and what processors you are talking about. In most games a higher clocked dual core will be better but there are instances of some games that can actually use all four cores and will run better on a lower clocked quad.

    To better assist you you should list exactly what processors you are talking about and what game.
  2. Need more details to respond to that (ex:what will you use it for, etc.).
  3. tom762 said:
    what is better for gaming a 3.2 ghz dual core or a 2.6 ghz quad core thanks

    Hi, my name is John and i am going to talk about my opinions & experiences below. To be safe your experience may vary :kaola:

    I'm going to assume your looking at maybe a i5-620(650)? dual core with hyper-threading and a i5-750 with 2.6 ghz quad core :D The only reason i can randomly take those numbers and assume what they are is because i went threw this same process a month ago.

    Let me share my conclusion...After researching the i5's i really started looking into money vs price vs performance. Now the i5-620 or 650 whichever is the name does come with hype-rthreading and will effectively end up giving you 4 cores virtually. But as you asked about gaming hyper-threading isn't incorporated as far as i know or at least doesn't add anything or much performance at all. Instead the i5-750 is essentially a i7 without hyper-threading which keeps the i7's price justified. For me i went with the i5-750 because out of all the benchmarks i saw you would have to spend at least double the amount of money to get a real big performance difference between the i5-750 vs an i7 and the low end i7 is worse. Now DO NOT buy the i5-750s because its slower than the regular i5-750.

    I bought the 750 and overclocked it to 3.6ghz without even a single hiccups in any case at all. I have a overclocking guide bookmarked from this site that i could send you if you go this same route. But all in all the i5-750 is really the best value i could of hoped for!!! All my research and knowledge goes back about 1-2 months and the i7 six cores wasnt out yet so my statements remain a 1 month in the past :D

    I hope this helps you make up your mind but if i guessed wrong about the CPU's and that 3.2 isnt a hyper-threading then don't even hesitate or possibly pick this i5-750 over whatever you were thinking if your budget and motherboard allows.
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