Is this a good build for less than 800

case: coolmaster haf 22 $89.98
cpu & mobo combo: amd phenom II x4 955 and asus 790x $119.99+165.99(-$20 instant+$10mailrebate)= $255.98
psu: corsair 550w $79.99 ($10mailrebate)=$69.99
gpu: sapphire radeon hd 5770 $164.99($10mailrebate)= $154.99
ram: g.skill ripjaw series 4gb (2gb x 2) ddr3 $114.99
hdd: samsung 500gb $54.99
dvd: asus 24x $29.99

$800.91+14.45shipping=$815.36 $783.88(after promo/rebates and shipping)

if theres any changes or suggestions please post. also im looking for a decent monitor any suggestions try to keep 150 or less
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  1. i dont plan on overclocking anytime soon so madadmiral said its not needed
  2. With a non-overclocked system it isn't required, as MadAdmiral stated. However, you have left the door open that you do plan to overclock some time down the road, so I would get the HSF now. It will provide better cooling (AMD stock fans aren't the best) and will keep you from havig to remove your MOBO down the road to install an HSF. If you can budget it in the beginning, I highly recommend it to save you the hassle of installing one later on.
  3. yeah i really would get it too to save the hassle later on but at the moment budget wise. so i guess ill just have to deal with the hassle when the time comes lol thanks though
  4. Dude i have been going through these builds for a while. you basicly just stated my whole build before i switched to a 5850. If you want to save some money you can get a cheaper burner on newegg, just look.

    this mobo cpu is similar to yours and as long as you don't mind the ram running at a lower hrtz it save yous the hassel of the mir but is cheaper

    if you don't mind higher timings and cas latency this is one of newegg's toprated and is on sale right now

    if your not sticking to crosair
    you can get the f3 with a 700 watt
    its $10 off with a code till the 3rd
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