How could the Antec 902's cooling handle without the back fan?

Thinking about putting the Coolit Domino into the Antec 902, but it would take the back 120mm fan along with it. I don't think it would make much of a difference, and I might add a fan to the side panel. Just wondering if that back 120mm makes a huge difference, especially with that huge exhaust fan on the top. Thanks for your thoughts/help.
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    It will not effect the cooling performance of the Antec 902. It simply replaces the back 120mm fan with the radiator, which contains a 120mm fan. It performs in the same manner by sucking air though the radiator (cooling it/CPU) and blowing it out the back. This is the same thing the case's 120mm fan did with the help of an air cooled HSF.
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  3. Thanks, I didnt realize air went though the radiator, I thought the radiator blocked it.
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