HTPC giving blank Screen - Win7 after Radeon 4200 driver is install.

Okay Guys,

I'm at the point were I got to reach out for help. I have searched until the end of the internet it feels like and I'm getting now where. I just built a new HTPC using a MSI 785GTM-E45 Motherboard with integrated Radeon 4200 for HD on my 42 inch Polaroid HDTV. It's hooked up via HDMI, and i'm having a big issues with the ATI Radeon driver. After a fresh install of Windows 7 RTM the computer boots up for the first just fine. However, windows will install the display driver the radeon 4200 and I will have to reboot because of windows updates and such. After the video driver is install it will no longer boot windows. I get to where I see the windows right before the log in screen but it just hangs there and all I see is a blank screen.

I can boot into safe mode and if I uninstall/disable the display driver it will boot again to normal windows but as soon as that driver is installed it will now longer boot. I have tried installing the driver directly from the CD and the website and nothing seems to work. I'm at a lost of what too do. I have tried everything but it seems like windows 7 hates that display driver but obviously I need it for my HTPC.

Any help would be great!!

MB: MSI 785GTM-E45 Motherboard
Graphics: integrated Radeon 4200
Ram: Patriot 2 gig 800mhz
PSU: 380w
HDD: WD 360 gig
DVD: Lite on DVD burner

I'm hoping someone knows the answer here, because I'm about to pull my hair out because I have tried everything under the sun.

I know the problem is that display driver, but I'm at a loss of how the hell to fix.
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  1. Which versions of the ATI drivers have you tried?

    For starters, the HD4200 graphics have many problems with ATI drivers after 9.8. I suggest you go to and download 9.8 WHQL drivers since the ATI website will only get you the latest 9.12.

    Are you installing the entire Catalyst suite or just the video driver? The reason I ask is because the Catalyst suite installs other drivers as well such as HDMI audio, AHCI, USB, etc. for the southbridge chipset. It may be one of these drivers that is causing the problem.

    To simplify things, get a copy of the 9.8 drivers, but only install the video driver and report back if you still hang at startup.
  2. Rsosborn2132,

    Have you confirmed with the Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center ( that the graphics card you are using is indeed compatible with Windows 7? Also are you using the driver downloaded directly from ATI or one through Windows Updates?

    Also, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to also check the threads available there for additional assistance and feedback.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. Hi Jessica,

    Just FYI, the Radeon HD 4200 is not a video card, it's the internal integrated video that comes on most AMD 785G chipset motherboards.

    Mine came by default with my HP p6319f computer, which also came loaded with Win7 from the HP factory.

    Problem is, one cannot locate manuals, drivers, technical docs or even a "HD 4200 for Dummies" book anywhere on the AMD site. There's ONE mention but no drivers or documentation.

    A frustrating experience. It would be odd to have HP build the machine with an integrated video that was not compatible with the only operating system that they sell with it..
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