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My WOL fonction works only if the PC wasn't turned off for long time. After a night turned off, it won't WOL. I have to turn it on, and then after it's off, it will WOL. But if i'm far away i can't do that, so i want it to WOL anytime even after 2weeks turned off! How can i fix that? I have another older PC that can do WOL anytime i want...

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  1. Take a look in the bios and see if there is a power option for the nic that would keep it on.
    Also set windows to never turn off power.
  2. Maybe i understood the problem : If i turn not only the PC, but electricity off, then the ethernet card will lost the informations and won't get them until i'm going under any system connected to the net again, right?

    This night, i let electricity on, and WOL worked when i woke up... I wanted to use this system when i travel, but i didn't want to let the electricity on all the time, since thunder storm could cause damages...

    So there's no choice, i must let it on all the time?
  3. Is there anybody there?!
  4. If you are loosing setting to the PC being off for a long time, you may want to look at chaning your CMOS battery
  5. also, a $10 surge protector will protect you from that kind of damage
  6. Are you sure the CMOS battery is supposed to hold the network settings? Mine is only 1year old, i don't think it's used too much...
  7. WOL is a BIOS setting it will probably be effected by a dead CMOS battery - for a 95c expense, worth a shot I'd say.
  8. Maybe you didn't read me well then... I SAID it works only if i let the electricity turned, it doesn't mean the PC turned on! I have a multi power supply plug & usually i turn it off during the night, that's why it doesn't work after a night. If the CMOS battery was dead, i'd know by some warning (time, etc...)
  9. Well, yes. The computer's PSU is supposed to be in the on position and getting power, otherwise, how would it be able to do anything? It's a BIOS thing that does the setting and needs to be it the shutdown state, which is different from flipping electricity to it then expecting it to be able to receive.

    To be honest this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone cutting all electricity to a system, instead of using the usual "soft" off (or even flipping the PSU off)
  10. I'm not sure you understood me. I said i turn it off for the night, then when i wake up, i turn it on of course, did you think i try to WOL while the electricity is down..? I hope no! So if i'm away, imagine there's an electricity problem and it's cut for few hours (it can happen to anyone), then i can't WOL again!
  11. Like I said, there are two different modes that it can be in when its "off" and getting electricity. One is when you first turn it on, the other is when you shut down. Based on what you've said it's when it's in this shut down state (if your mobo has LED status numbers like one of mine does you can literally look at it and tell, that's on my old system that's now a server) that the BIOS can be waiting for WOL. Go ahead and do some more tests, but this is likely it. WOL has always been too much trouble for what it's worth IMHO. If you just turn on the electricity to it in the morning why can't you just hit the on button?
  12. Maybe you should read the post again then... Cause i gave the exemple a few time... If i'm at 100km of my home, or even 10.000km, how can i push the button? WOL can, not me... The BIOS battery is working perfectly, if you plug off your computer power supply cable during few hours (or a night) i bet you can't WOL directly, you'll need to start it once and turn off before you can do it again, cause the LAN card loose the info while it loose its power... Just try and tell me.
  13. Reread my stuff. It has zero to do with a lan card. LAN cards can't magically remember things. How do you cut off it's power when you're away from home?
  14. I don't, but there can be an electricity problem during few hours in the street. My motherboard has function to restart after electricity blackout, but since there's this problem, it won't do. Today i updated the BIOS, so i'll try and see if it changed something... But maybe there something to set in the LAN card option, i read some people who did that and it worked after, but i didn't find any special..
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