TA785G3 HD issues(I think)

I recently bought the following parts

from newegg(Thank you Batuchka)

After putting this all together, I thought I ran into a power supply issue.

My motherboard has 6 LEDs that should light up regardless of if I am having a VGA issue, or a memory issue.

Unfortunately, none of these 6 lights will turn on, as if my motherboard isn't getting power.

I tried plugging this power supply into another computer, and it ran the other computer completely fine.

I didn't mess with any jumpers, I was very careful putting it all together, and I have done this twice before with no issues.

Hopefully there are some suggestions, because I'm getting a bit frustrated, there is only a 7 day return policy on the CPU if the issue has to do with it.

edit: I forgot to mention, when testing this on the other computer, I only used a 20 pin port(older computer), instead of the 24 pin one used now, as well as the other 4 pin, so I suppose the power supply isn't COMPLETELY out of the question.
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  1. your new board has a 4/6/8 pin power connector for the CPU as well, correct? You did remember to connect that......
  2. Yes, it has a 4 pin power connector for the CPU...

    another strange establishment, I took the motherboard and power supply out of the case, and they boot up, showing me to run from the boot CD on my screen and everything...

    but when it is put back into the case, it gets no power.
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    That suggests that something in the case is shorting the mobo. Check and be sure that you have the correct amount of brass standoffs installed; any extra can cause the mobo to short.

    Similarly, if you have any loose standoffs, this too, can cause a short. Other known factors to cause a short:

    1. wiring routed under the mobo
    2. loose screws
    3. GPU - use onboard video (if equipped) or a different GPU to test
    4. frayed wiring

    I recommend you take a look at the 'no boot/no display' troubleshooting guide. There is a wealth of tips in the guide, most of which a lot of people overlook. Troubleshooting Guide
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  5. I forgot to apply the spacer screws in between the motherboard and the case wall bracket.

    This was not in the case or motherboard manuals, so I had no idea.. thank you for the link to the troubleshooting guide, thank you thank you thank you!
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