Accidentally converted raid 10 -> raid 5

Hey guys,

I had 4x2TB HDDs running in a Raid 10 configuration. As of yesterday, I was checking on the raid's status via dedicated Intel software and accidentally hit the "migrate to raid 5" link. Without asking for confirmation, the program just started migrating the data for like 24 hours. Now it's done, no option to revert it and even more weirdly, the new 4x2TB raid 5 displays as 4TB (should be 6, shouldn't it).

However all 4 HDDs show up as member disks. I've made a few screenshots for you.

Current status:

Trying to create a raid:

Having chosen raid 5, it will show this in the next step:

Having chosen raid 10, it will show this:

I have to select the available disk, else it won't let me do anything.

So, what's going on with my HDD configuration?

Any chance I can convert it back to raid 10 or at least get the raid 5 with 6TB going? I'm using an Asus ICH10 onboard Sata controller.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: The "Advanced" Option will only let me choose data stripe size, write back caching and whether or not to initialize the volume.

Edit2: Images don't seem to work for some reason, please right-click and open image in new tab. Thanks :)
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