EK Nickel Plated Fittings, Should I worry?

Hey Guys,

So as some of you know I switched out most of my hardware and put it into a switch 810. I got rid of my old EK Nickel plated cpu and gpu blocks and switched to XSPC copper blocks. Now I'm wondering, because I still have some EK nickel plated compression fittings, if I should worry about them causing any damage to my loop? Right now I'm using mayhems and distilled water but soon for a while I'l be using just distilled water and pt nuke or a silver killcoil (a reccomendation on which way to go there would be nice too) and just wanted to know if i should worry about anything else in my basically entirely copper based loop (with the exception of a few replacement bitspower fittings)?
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    Your nickel plated fittings should be brass under the plating so there shouldn't be an issue there.
    I just use a kill-coil with distilled water in my loops...
  2. If anyone else would like to chime in that would rock, otherwise I'm gonna stick with em like you said C12Friedman, thanks
  3. Shouldn't be a problem,
    I'm running both copper and Nickel blocks in my loop.
    The metal you should watch out for in your loop is Aluminium.
  4. As far as I'm aware their fittings were unaffected by the plating issues, I have a couple of them (4?) in my loop with no issues,
    its only the blocks that were a problem
    @Mikol, EK had problems a year and more back with their plating process which meant brand new blocks were flaking and corroding,
    Heres a particularly bad one,
    link taken from,
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  6. @Moto
    Holy crap!! Alright, will stay vigilant and check my loops once every few weeks.
  7. I also had both my 580 EK nickel blocks end up corroded. never again will i buy ek nickel plated, never again
  8. It seriously damaged their reputation, not just because of the issue, but also the way in which they handled it,
    the outcome was basically that they approve a list of coolants to use,
    plain distilled water with Pt or silver is out, you must use an approved coolant.
    I don't like being told what I can and can't use :P
    I could work through and forgive the plating issue, we all have problems now and again, but the way in which they dealt with the matter made sure I'll never buy EK Nickel, and like most on here strongly advise against it, even this far on
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