9800GT Green Edition or GT240

9800GT Green Edition or GT240 ????
which card should I buy ???
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  1. 9800GT Green Edition is slower than a reference 9800GT:
    "a GeForce 9800 GT Green Edition, which carries forward the design methodology of the 9600 GT Green Edition: lowering the GPU voltage and slightly reducing the clock speeds. It is expected to carry clock speeds of 550/1375/900 MHz (core/shader/memory) against the reference 9800 GT specifications of 600/1500/900 MHz"
    But still its faster than a GT 240
  2. +1
  3. ^+2
    9800GT then... :)
  4. wa1 said:
    9800GT then... :)

    i think gt240 ( gddr5 ) is better not for speed but for supporting dx10.1 + all 9800 features.
  5. No in terms of raw performance,9800GT is a faster choice
  6. Maziar said:
    No in terms of raw performance,9800GT is a faster choice

    not by a lot as 8800gt-9800gt is faster than 9600gt-gt240 by 10-15 % and green edition 9800 is slower than standard, so don't expect much difference in performance, and considering it is newer architecture ( gt240 ) i think it will be better compared to older 8800 by time when nvidia starts using dx10.1 and dx11 ( when they release fermi ).
  7. The GT 240 is weaker than a 9600GT. The 9800GT green or not is a much better choice. If the latest tech/DX is the goal at the expense of performance then the HD5670 would be the better option but I'd still recommend the 9800GT instead.
  8. The 9800gt hands down if not go for a 5650,5670,5750,or a 5770. the green edition is known to have problems with some boards.
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