[Found 'n' Lost] Windows XP Task manager - Extension thingymajigger

Long story short, I downloaded a program (Or a .dll file, I can't remember) that expanded on the Task manager with windows XP, but then I got a new mobo+CPU+RAM, tried to do a re-install of XP, bad disc ended up ruining all my partitions so I lost all me guff.

I'm hoping that someone also had this Task Manager extension thing, as it was a life saver. I was able to set the affinity of a process AND click an option that said "Save affinity" under the selected cores.
I.E, I'd right click the process, and it would have the usual dialog, but would also have an option that said something around the lines of "Save affinity", and whenever I launched a game or application (Or application that then launched an injector that launched a game, etc.), it would assign the saved affinity for that program.

It was also able to show me information about processes if I hover over the process with my cursor. It told me the location of the file, which service was using it and a few other things I forget. It's not the "TaskManagerEx.exe" thing, as that lacks the essential "Save Affinity" option, and the Task Manager thing I'm talking about did not show icons before the "Image Name" tab.

If anyone knows what this plugin/addon thingy was, that'd be fantastic. I have some old games that run like piss on my 965, and they also bug out after Alt-Tabbing to change the affinity. Skyrim and Fallout would also benefit from me being able to assign them two or three cores without alt-tabbing.

Thanks in advance.
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