1.58 V on i5 2500K! How do I lower the voltage???


Just got my hands on a nice i5 2500K CPU.
Decided to do some overclocking tests, and it goes right up to 5.0GhZ.

However, the voltages are very high, 1.58V at 5GhZ and 1.48V at 4.7GhZ.
My motherboard is an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO.

I've tried umpteen settings now, but I havent't found out where to lower the voltage settings.
(they seem to be automatically chosen by the mobo)

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Yes, that is near the max voltage you should be using.....There may be a turbo boost setting or an automatic base clock setting that is also adjusting voltage. If in doubt reset the bios to defaults and work your way back up.
  2. I believe it is the Core Voltage and you must put it in Offset mode and apply a negative offset.

    I concur with the above ^^, reset the BIOS to default and then work up from there, that voltage level is too high. Did you get this chip used?
  3. Thanks for the input.

    Yes, it is a used CPU.

    Using a negative offset was one of the first things I tried, but that only crashed my computer no matter what setting.

    My other settings are:

    - Load-Line Calibration: regular
    - CPU current capability: 100%
    - DIGI+VRM frequency: auto
    - spread spectrum: on
    - DIGI+ VRM phase control: standard
    - DIGI+ VRM duty control: T. Probe.

    I have flashed the BIOS and reset all settings.

    I think I checked everything, no matter what I do with these settings, the voltage is high. The only thing that seems to affect voltage, is the CPU frequency.

    At 4.7GhZ everything probably should work fine (Prime95 temperatures get to about 92 centigrades after hours of testing), but I might lower it to 4.5GhZ just to be sure. Still an ok overclock.

    Maybe the voltage regulation is just deadon this mobo?
  4. Just a quick addition here:

    Load-Line Calibration (LLC) does have an effect after all.
    If I max it out, VCore rises even more, to 1.6V...

    Still scratching my head in confusion here :-\
  5. ofset mode (+)
    set CPU voltage offset 0.040 first at 4.7ghz
    in test fulload cpu-z just show 1.432v for raise 0.040
    if get BSOD raise 0.050 - 0.060 that voltage not more than 1.46v
  6. Thought + (positive) offset would raise voltage???

    Gonna gve it a try...
  7. tkorsvold said:
    Thought + (positive) offset would raise voltage???

    Gonna gve it a try...

    It does, but it doesn't work like you'd think it does. It also isn't necessarily direct. For example +0.005 doesn't necessarily add 0.005V. It's a bit confusing.
  8. your mobo same with mine but no pro :D
    lresult below but i don't like that not stable but work at 3 hours untill get BSOD 0x0124 :D ..
  9. If you need some help on offsets, have a look here: Overclocking Using Offset Mode for CPU Core Voltage
  10. Fantastic, FINALLY got the voltage lower.
    Set the offset to + 0.045.

    Thanks so much!

    I can run 4.7GhZ at around 1.38V now, and temperatures are much lower.
  11. test it may not stable
  12. Whoops, crashed after a little while yes. Doing some more tests, but anyway voltage is lower. Now I have something I can work with! Thanks!
  13. Did some more adjustments. 4.6GhZ at 1.4V, temperatures in the mid- sixties. Looks just fine!
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