Cooling an OC i7 2700k.

Can i connect my water block to my water-cooling AC?, my dad is an AC technician(kind of) and he has allowed me to borrow some of his coil coating which would prevent the build up of moisture and fungus. Does anyone think this idea would work?, I have suitable pipe adapters. I need it to overclock my i7-2700k.
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    yea you could def make that work but you would want to make sure to add insulation to the motherboard to prevent build up of condensation on the motherboard and components...this is necessary when dealing with sub ambient temperatures...this is gonna take some serious modding to make work so make sure you and your dad are up to it
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  3. thanks, but now im not sure if i can OC it to 5.0, i thinking of getting an ultra durable 5.
  4. go for it man...its serious fun getting your chip to run fast as hell...its addicting
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