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I have asus P5VD2-MX SE motherboard and a 3.07 ghz processor, is it good for gaming like red alert 3 for example? i am not quite familiar with board, so can you please give a better idea? thanks a lot
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  1. Hi everyone!

    May I ask if they are compatible for gaming, ASUS-tek P5VD2-MX SE, 3.07 Ghz processor, 2 Gig RAM and palit GT9500 128 bit? If I have to change any of them what would it be?
  2. I thinks time you need to get a new rig by the way the 9500 gt is not good for gaming at all, the 2 gig ram could be usable ,what is your processor? before all that you need tell us your budget so we can help u out
  3. Processor x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~3066 Mhz, that's my processor, i got a budget of $1000. If possible, what kinda videocard you wanna suggest? thanks~!
  4. Yes the board is good for games, But do you use the onboard video? If you do then you need to get a dedicated video card for games. The motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot for as video card.

    Look at the system requirements for some of the games you want to play and look at the resolution your monitor will support and the price of the video card and get the best card for the price.

    Toms has a article called Best Graphics Cards For The Money: August 2010,2697.html

    Look at that for the Video card.
  5. thanks for the advice. I have a problem, my motherboard is ASUS P5VD2-MX SE, PCIe 16x slot, as of now im using a memory of PC667 512mb. My question is can i used 2 gig PC800 memory in place of PC667? or i will retain PC667 even i'll upgrade it to 2 gig? Thanks in advance!
  6. How do they differ with their performance?
    1. Sapphire HD4650 1Gig ddr2 128 bit
    2. Palit 9500GT 1Gig ddr2 128 bit
    3. Palit GF210 1 Gig ddr2 128 bit
    4. Inno 3D 9500GT 1gig ddr2 128 bit
    5. Sparkle 9500GT 1gig ddr2 128 bit
    6. Biostar bio 9500GT HDMI 1Gig ddr2 128 bit

    If you're going to choose among the six what brand is best for you? or what is best suited for everyday work?
  7. I would suggest a Evga gtx 460 its excellent choice for gaming and at a good price
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