CPU-Z reads link width x1 instead of x16

Hello, Iam having a problem with CPU-Z reading my link width is x1 while max supported is x16. Im hoping this is the cause for my low fps and sound stuttering. Ive searched a couple solutions via google and they say the following:
PCI Synchronization Mode to Auto
- Setting the PCIE Bus Frequency to 115 Mhz
- Set the NB Vcore to 1.45
- Disable "PEG Force X1
- Set the peg link to Normal
My problem is on my bios settings i see no option to do any of these. any help would be great!
my system
vista 64
intell core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz
8.00 GB RAM
Nividia Geforce 9800 gtx/9800 GTX+
Motherboard is Gigabyte Technology CO. Ltd EP45-UD3P bios Award Software International, Inc. version F5 Date 10/31/2008
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  1. still need help if anyone can
  2. Did you have a different card in the computer before and did a clean driver sweep and install? That would be my first step in trouble shooting. Do a clean driver sweep and install.

    I would put the bios back to default settings and start from there. Also, check to see if there is a new bios available.

    Install any chipset drivers you have for the board.

    My 1.5 cents.
  3. You can also try gpuz and see if it agrees with the cpuz info. Other than that I agree with soundefx; do a driver sweep, reinstall and set the BIOS back to default.
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