How to replace virtual memory chip on your pc motherboard

how do i replace a burned virtual memory chip on my pc motherboard?
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  1. ? You can't replace a VIRTUAL thing. Its virtual, it doesn't exist in reality.
  2. If you burnt a chip it would be better to get the manufacturers look at it.
  3. Virtual memory is space allocated on your hard drive. Are you sure you have you have a bad mother board or did something come up that said you need more virtual memory ?
  4. With a unicorn
  5. ^+1 lol

    But seriously, when you exhaust the density of your RAM, your apps still need the memory. When this happens, your hard drive will start using Virtual Memory.

    For example, Windows 7 64 requires 2GB just to run smoothly. Technically, you can still use the OS with only 1GB, but the OS itself will be lagging. Now, let's throw in other memory intesive programs, such as Photoshop. If you don't even meet the requirments for your OS, you certainly don't meet the requirements for your app. This can result in seeing the "Virtual Memory Low" warning.
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