I need some help

okay i have an haf 932.i recently bought my m4a7gt-e motherboard. im a complete noob at building computers and puttin them together. my questions are or predicaments.

I have 3 usb connections on my mother board. they are labeled as follows.

usb910,usb1112,usb 78

i have 2 usb cords from my haf 932. which slot to i plug those in at?

i also had a cord that splits at the end forming two connectors labeled hd audio, and ac'97. which do i use and wehre do i plug them in at? ive got the hd audio plugged into the AAFP slot. is that correct?

also the reset wire and the power wire. ill try to make it look like what the mobo is showing me.

_ = blank


ive got both the wires on the bottom does that matter? i know they are labeled on the motherboard but does it matter if they are both on the bottom?

do i need to plug my 3 4 case fans into the mother board or the PSU itself?
do i need to use the sata cable that comes with the case and also do i need to use the firewire that comes witht he case? if you could link me a site that gives me a detailed step by step process of these two combinations of motherboard and case that tells me what goes where that would be REALLY helpful. thanks guys.also on the motherboard there is a plug in called cha fan2 with three prongs sticking out. what is that for?and what is com1 for?
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  1. ASUS M4A79T? Go here: http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us

    Download the User Manual which has details for installing the motherboard including all of the connections.
  2. thanks alot .
  3. i cant seem to find it.
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