3770k OC on Asus P8Z77-V

Hey guys,

So I just started messing around with overclocking my cpu, and I have a couple questions. I'm using a 3770k, Asus P8Z77-V/Thunderbolt mobo, and an H100 Cooler.

The Asus auto tuner program started it off at 45 multiplier and 1.432 VCore. I thought the voltage was way too high, but I ran Prime95 for a few minutes anyways. Temps were about 82c.

Then I changed the setting from offset voltage to manual voltage and set it to 45x 1.35VCore. Temps were are 67-78c. However, when I stopped Prime95, the cores dropped down to 1700mhz, but still stayed up at 1.36 VCore. Is it supposed to drop down the Hz, or should it stay at 4600Mhz?

From this point on, do I just keep decreasing the VCore until I find the point where it is uses the lowest voltage, but it is still stable?

Or would offset voltage be better for a 24/7 overclock? From what I've read, I think this will let the voltage drop off when there is no load, and it'll increase the voltage when the load spikes.

Thanks a lot,

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  1. it is supposed to drop down when not in use...thats power states...alot of people say turn that off when OC'ing but I like to leave it on saves power and runs cooler when not in use......yes you can continue doing this to find the lowest voltage that is stable..this is the goal of OC'ing.......there should be a power option in the BIOS that turns the voltage down when not in use cant really remember what its called atm...if I were you I would make these changes in the BIOS not using a program...programs dont do a good job its better off and will pay off in the end to do it in the BIOS
  2. I hvave a same motherboard ... The same chip.. The same cooler and just did differently... Im at 4.5 all the time.. But with 1.324vcore....24/7 run prime95 stable and temp are at 84c max under load.... Idle at lowest 28c and highest is 32c. ... Buy the way .. Were do u adjust the vcore at bro...can u get a screen. Shot ?? I would likely want to find out a least voltage also so i can run higher speed
  3. Asuslover- Below are the numbers that I got it to run at. However, every chip is different, so don't expect to be stable with my numbers, as well as this is my first time overclocking so whatever I tell you might turn out to be complete- unintentional- bullshit.

    That thread has some awesome screenshots of the ASUS BIOS. However, InterSpectra seems to have an AMAZING chip, so don't try and copy his voltage settings.

    Well, I went ahead and threw a few numbers at the BIOS last night and got it running at 4500Mhz/1.265 VCore. XMP settings, LLC was on extreme (for voltage droop), PLL Over voltage was disabled, CPU phase control was on optimized. Got max temps of 78c after an hour of Prime. Seems like it hits max temp during the first phase of 800000 LL iterations. With the exception of this set of tests, it sits around 60c for whatever reason.

    Is there anything else I can do to increase stability so I can either drop the voltage, or increase the clock?
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    It seems like you have it set up pretty good...I dont think you will be able to get a lower voltage at those speeds thats pretty low voltage already
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