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I've never done a water cooling system in my computer. I really wanted to get one setup for this Holiday season. I'd like to stay under 200$. I have an Intel i7 920 1366, and an Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor-X edition. Now, i consider myself above average for computer peripherals, but, like i've said, i've never owned or tinkerred with a water cooling kit. I'm just wondering if i could get some of your opinions on how to go about this. I could honestly care less about water cooling the GPU, just the CPU is fine. Are kits better? Do it yourself? and all that "beginners" info on water-cooling would be great.
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  1. I didn't even go to the main forum page, I just hopped right into making a post. Anyways, i just read the "READ FIRST" post, and it helped a bit, but i'd still like to get your guys opinion.
  2. The kits listed in the sticky should be a good place to start...there is a section on closed loop coolers like the H100 as well as good entry-level kits.
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