Not able to open rar file!!

Hello dear friends....I am having some problem...plzz help me.....I have some huge winrar files.....around 10GB each...containing mp3s and videos.......but sadly 2 days back when I tried to open this rar files I git a message that \'the files cant be open\'....and also when I tried to extract it...shows that there is no files in the archive...but in the file properties shows tha file size as 10 Gb.......and the file name is in green colour.......I checked the properties of the file and found in the \'advanced\' that encrypt contentsto secure data\' was ticked.....and I unticked it and when I clicked \'apply\' I got a message that \'the files contains errors.....dear friends plzz help me....because one of the folder contains my mom\'s voice..who is not with us.....plzz help me if yo ucan plzzz..........
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  1. Make sure you have enough FREE disk space on the drive you are trying to open it on. If you don't have enough space, I've seen various errors, none of which state that you don't have enough room on your HDD. Check disk space or move to a drive with at least 20GB of free space.
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