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my word document won't print, so I went through all the troubleshooting & it told me to find the port where the printer was, but it wasn't under the LPT port where it said it usually was, it was plugged in to USB002 or DOT4USB. Troubleshooter told me to uninstall, which I did. It said when I restarted, Windows would automatically help me re-install, but it didn't. I went through all the other troubleshooting tips, and came to the end where it could not help me. How do I now re-install the USB002 or DOT4USB?
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  1. You have an HP printer? You need to uninstall the printer driver/software and reinstall it.
  2. ok I did that (took forever) but it still wont print! I don't know much about computers AT ALL, but it seems like maybe the USB port that the printer is connected to isn't working? I tried plugging it into a different one though and it still didn't work. I don't know if my computer knows which port the printer is connected to - could that be the problem? None of the troubleshooting stuff helped.
  3. Did yo get any errors or warnings when you reinstalled the driver?
  4. no I didn't get any warnings, it said the install went through. One thing, is that the printer thinks it is out of toner, but it isn't. It said that before though and it still printed. But I vaccuumed up some wires to my modem (oops) and had to buy a new modem, which works fine. My internet works and everything else works, but it still won't print. I went through every troubleshooting tip and still won't print!
    Thanks for your help
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