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Hey, I just bought the delll gx 620 PC planning on playing some older games like Counter Strike: Source. The system I bought is the Tower but I will need to add a 1gb video card. I was wondering if you knew what nvidia video cards are compatible with the Intel chipset in this system and what kind of power supply is needed. Thanks
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  1. You didn't mentioned any of your system specifications nor your budget
  2. ^+1
    BTW, if u only play CS then i think u only need a low power graphic card then...
    Anyway, agree with mfarrukh, list the rest of your system and how much do u want to spend... :)
  3. Post specs please. I couldn't find any PSU info on the dell site. chipset is not all that important unless you want to do SLI/crossfire. I would guess that its PCIe 1.0 x16 but that won't make a difference for the cards in the range your looking at. Price range is really the determining factor.
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