P7P55D-E Pro Memory Issue

Seeking some advice here... i'll try and keep this as short and to the point as i can.

Last week i built a new PC. Got all my hardware installed, windows 7 loaded, and everything was rock solid for exactly a week. Thought i was in the clear, and was going to start going for some overclocking when all of a sudden, out of no where i started getting hit with BSOD's with the 0x0000001A stop error when running StarCraft 2. Also very frequent program crashes (after a week of pure rock solid performance). A quick google of the stop error suggested bad memory. I know i need to go home and run mem test and obviously verify a few other things.

My setup looks like this:
P7P55D-E Pro
Core i5-760
8GB of G.SKILL Ripjaws F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL (2GB sticks x4)
EVGA GTX 460 ( w/ dual monitors)
Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX

I did pull 2 sticks of my memory and run on just 4GB last night and noticed 2 things:
1. Using the 2 black DIMMS causes the mem LED to stay light and no boot
2. Using the 2 blue DIMMS restored normal boot, and i ran StarCraft 2 with out issue for the rest of the night.

As i said, when i built the system last week, everything went fine. All 8GB of RAM was recognized, i had zero issues runinng StarCraft 2 as well as 2 EvE clients. Then, all of a sudden constant program freezes as well as BSOD's.

I guess what im really asking here is, am i looking at bad memory, or potentially a bad DIMM on the mobo? I did find some threads on toms already referencing both with this particular ASUS model. Am just curious if there is potentially something else I am missing or unaware of. Also could it just be my RAM setup, i.e. running 4 modules of RAM?

Thanks, any help or advice is appreciated!
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  1. BIOS and drivers are all up to date as well.
  2. Hi wingnutt92 and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Do u test all the RAM stick in the blue DIMMS? I mean 4GB first and after that the other 4GB in the same RAM slots.

    Run memtest86+ with the configuration that I say up and let me know the results.
  3. I did actually have time to test with all 4 sticks of RAM using only the blue DIMMs. Each of the 4 sticks seem to work in the blue DIMMs fine. However, when i put one set of 2 sticks in the black DIMMs the mem LED right away came on and i got no boot.

    The machine will boot, and recognize 8GB of ram if i plug in all 4 sticks. I did see a reference in another thread here on toms that with this particular mobo, if your just using 2 RAM modules, only the blue DIMMS should be used. using just the black DIMMS will cause an issue. However i have not had a chance to check my mobo manual to confirm this.

    Im currently at work, so im just trying to get a better idea of what im dealing with while i pass the time. I plan on running memtest tonight.

    would it be best to test all 8GB of RAM at once, or in pairs? and yes, if there are spicific settings i should use for memtest, plz post them. I've never had to run it before.
  4. Run memetst86+ with the 8GB installed with normal settings and if the system boot use LinX (1 hour) with "all" selected to test the stability.
  5. Memtest86+ confirmed a bad stick of RAM last night. RMA'ing back to newegg.

    very odd that it worked fine for a week, and then just decided to go. Any insight on what might cause a memory module to go bad like that so soon?

    I had this happen once before in a laptop, but it was after about a year.

    Thanks for the help... appreciated!
  6. The technology isn't perfect usually has some fails and this's one cause of those fails. Why? I'm not sure but that's the reason of the warranty.
  7. indeed. i work as a tech my self, so i know how it is.

    was more worried that it might be a setting on my board or a potential power surge (my apartment is prone to them) that could have caused it to fail. I haven't messed with any of my RAM settings, so they should all still be set to defaults.

    Hopefully RMA solves the issue :/ I actually had to build this rig ahead of schedual because of a power surge. Knocked out the system board in my old PC :( The PSU was still fine tho, that was the odd thing.
  8. For solve that power surge u can get a UPS.
  9. Not entirely related but I have a P7P55D-E Pro/memtest question. I have the aforementioned MB and 8 GB of G Skill F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL memory. I can't get memtest to run either from when I had set the system up as a dual Ubuntu/Win 7 machine where memtest is one of the boot options or booting with a memtest CD that I've successfully tried in another machine. I've tried using 1 DIMM and all 4 and this is my second batch of RAM. I've reinstalled Win 7 and, like the first time, it was fine for a week or so but now I'm getting random, frequent BSODs. So my question is, is there any reason that memtest won't run on my machine?
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