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hello friends

my pc configuration is

2GB DDR2 memory
AMD 5200 x2 processor
ASUS M2-AVM-HDMI board----AMD 960G chipset

I am interested in buying a low budget garphics card.
I am stuck in between

ATI Radeon 4650 HD
ATI Radeon 4670 HD
Palit Geforce 9600GT

please give the best guidence....

Is it that with AMD enviornment I should prefer ATI
graphics card over Nvidia ones ? shall Nvidia Garphics
cards give equivalent performance as ATI ones in AMD

Also My motherboard supports DDR2 RAM chips...

Shall it affect the result of ATI 4670( It has DDR3-GDDR3)
memory capablities

If so is it better to Buy ATI 4650 512 MB or ATI radeon 1GB

I am a moderate Gamer.. Not a Hardcore one..

Shall Games like
call of duty 4,5,6
run efficiently on (ATI radeon 4650 512 MB version)
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  1. From three options above i choose HD 4670, it low power consumption, no need additional power from PSU, ddr3 card.
    No, don't take 4650 since that card is only ddr2(slower).
    So, what are u upgrade from?
    On 1280x1024 u can play COD with medium setting, maybe crysis too.
  2. From the cards you listed above,
    Radeon 4670 is the best you can get for $65
    It will give you great performance upto 1680x1050
    Most titles maximized and very few like CRYSIS on medium.

    You will be happy with its performance on 1680x1050
    (personall experience)


    If your resolution is 1280x1024,
    then 4650 is your card
    Most titles maximized and very few like CRYSIS on medium.
    (personall experience)

    GooD LucK
  3. Palit Geforce 9600GT slightly better than 4670 but needed good psu...
  4. HD 4670 since i am getting a feeling you have an el-cheapo Power supply ;)
  5. Its my First Add on Graphics Card
    till now I was using 256 MB IGP available on my Board AMD 690 G chipset

    I have INTEX 450 W SMPS
    is it enough for running graphics cards that I have mentioned

    For Nvidia 9600 GT
    zotec geforce 9600 GT
    palit geforce 9600 GT a better option.....?
  6. I have Intex 450W PSU
    is it sufficient enough to power 9600 GT
  7. Intex 450W is the worst PSU...It won't handle those cards.In fact I have burned a PC because of a 450w intex.

    Both 9600GTs are good.

    Just make sure the dealer don't fool you by giving a low power 9600GT.(Happened to my bro who gifted me a 9800GT)...

    For PSU 1st choice:Corsair 400CX for Rs3000
    Or 2nd : Gigabyte Superb 460w for Rs2200.
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