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Has anyone ever used Easy Tune 6?

There's presets for my i5 3570k to go to 4.08 GHz, 4.33 GHz and 4.58GHz. the BCLK goes 102, 103, 104MHz

Does anyone know if these presets are there having being tested before or whether it's just "here's some presets, hope for the best"?

New to PC gaming in general, as well as OC'ing and I don't fancy touching anything without some advice on this.

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  1. If I were you I would take the time to learn how to overclock through the BIOS..using programs to overclock your computer is just asking for trouble...the BIOS is the best method of doing it.


    here is a guide look it over and google some more guides so you get the hang of how to mess around in the BIOS first before you try anything drastic
  2. Thanks man,

    Much appreciated
  3. no prob let me know how it works out for you
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