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I am in the process of building a new computer and was wondering if I could use my old hard drive (Windows 7,) in the new build. I want to be able to boot from the old hard drive and not just use it as storage. I've looked around and some say that it will work if its retail version whereas OEM will not work. Also I got mine from MSDNAA, does anyone know if that is considered retail or OEM?
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    It is likely considered OEM. That being said, unless the hardware on the 2 configs in question are VERY similar, changes are you will have various problems. Re-activating the OS may not (but could be an issue), but a manual activation (talk to a MS rep) will fix that in most cases (replaced motherboard).

    The best course of action is to perform a clean install on the new config.
  2. You would get away with repair install then again win7 is a lot better than previous versions to find and replace drivers for new hardware.
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