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I'm in the market for 6 case fans. I've been looking around and am thinking of going with Scythe SY1225SL12SH 120mm "Slipstream" for all 6. Is this a bit overkill? I was initially going to get just 2 for my cpu cooler but i feel like i could use more fans in my case. Should I go with a little less for the 4 that are not CPU fans? I'm also looking for a decent fan controller if I even need one. I don't know much about cooling so help would be awesome!
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  1. it isnt overkill, but i think you can look into the NF P-12 fans from Noctua, i got them cheap and they are very quiet!

    What cooler are you using for the fans to go on?
  2. Hmm 6 fans = decent cooling and extra noise. What case are you using ?
  3. I have those Slipstream fans and they are very good. You can check out their site you will see thay have different models with different RPM ratings. I have some 1200 RPM's and they are quite efficient !
  4. I have a nice collection of fans and I agree that scythe slip stream is good fan, though the one you chose is a bit too loud for my liking...
    I have 2 slip streams but slower ones (1300RPM) and I'm quite happy with them. Though on my CPU cooler I use 2 Akasa Apache (PWM) which is also quite good one - it has more or less the same air flow (subjectively) as slip streams but tad bit quieter...
    also have NF-P12 which is on pair with the apache performance wise (noise & air flow).

    I also have 140mm scythes but those are too noisy for my liking + bit lower on air flow than the 120m counterparts... They were the top case fans (I have CM690) so I replace them with scythe 2xS-Flex...
  5. The case I'm using is the Coolermaster CM 690 II advanced the cooler I'll be using is the Corsair H50 with a push/pull configuration. Plan on drawing air in from the back of my computer and having the exhaust in the front. A bit opposite from the default setup of the case.
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