Need 'the graphics card'

Hello all;-)
i seriously need a graphics card....tried some low level cards for some time bt now i want a medium level entry.
My eyes are on a few like 4850,5750,5770.
Plz help me out wd dis.whch one shd i buy and it shd nt make a big hole in ma pocket.:-)
what are their current prices in india.i want to play gta4,pes10,codmw,shift....
I hav an intel dg33fb mobo,2gb ddr2 ram@667mhz,c2d e4500@2.2 ghz,intex psu 450w
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  1. Well,
    Leave 4850 aside and take the two, 5750 and 5770

    5770 will perform 'great' at 1920x1200 with maximized settings, for $160, that will be around Rs. 16,500

    5750 will perform 'good' at 1920x1200 with maximized settings for $130, and that will be around Rs. 12,000

    Choose accordingly
    Both of the cards will be good for your PSU

    GooD LucK
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    ^Prices you told aren't correct.
    HD 5750:Rs 8500
    HD 5770:Rs10500
    HD 4850:Rs 6500.

    First of all you'll need to change your Intex PSU.It is a piece of crap and won't handle any of those cards.
    Tell me your budget.
    You'll also need another 2GB RAM stick if you want to game properly.

    And also mention your monitors highest resolution .
  3. BTW That INTEX PSU failed to power even my 5 year old GEforce 6200Turbocache and fried my mobo, RAM and P$ processor i think...
  4. ^^^^
    Whatever, dude

    I was just telling him some good cards he can get, since i don't live in India and don't know the exact price.

    Sorry, anyways
  5. mfarrukh said:
    Whatever, dude

    I was just telling him some good cards he can get, since i don't live in India and don't know the exact price.

    Sorry, anyways

    Its okay :ange:
  6. here is the price list of gfx card in India:
    I would suggest you 5770...But as everyone says you need a better psu ,something which can provide at least 25A on 12v rails...
  7. ^ :hello:
    Don't you think it will be better to invest some in 2GB Ram rather than getting a HD5770?

    (PSU is must so i'm not talking abt it)
  8. yaaa he needs some ram too.. A 2Gb zion 667 MHz should cost around Rs1500(maybe less)...But since a gfx card is a one time investment he should get something powerful so that it last for at lest 2 years..
  9. So wat do u guys advice fr da guys,plz dnt burn ma pocket.
    Also if i buy 2gb ram @800mhz.vl it run at its speed coz ma current ram is only 667 mhz.will thre b some problem
  10. no,but its good because u can overclock your cpu thereby increasing the memory speed...If you are too tight on your budget then right now focus on the Gfx card and psu...I had bought a zebronics 600w psu for Rs3000 for my 4890 and its serving well(27A on 12v )....
  11. lol pls specify you resolutions of your comp because you wont need big cards in 1024*728.
    3gb ram should do good for you but you can play with you 2gig ram too. upgrade your psu if you want long life in your gpu and others pc parts.get coolmaster 500W it tha best for you.

    thx for askin!
  12. Also mfarrukh sir,thnx fr da help....its not ur fault for giving wrong interpretation of prices.1USD in india ~rupees 48
    so $160 equals -use ur maths dude
  13. Yeah, we need to know your monitors resolution.
  14. I have a samsung myst 20 inch @1600*900.hw much will zebronics or coolmaster 500w plz what ram should i buy,@667 or 800mhz.sory to bother u guys but i dont know how to overclock
  15. Buy whichever ram is cheaper as the 800mhz ram will downclock itself automatically to match your current ram.
    An HD4850 is a good card for that resolution and looks to be the best for the money from the prices on the link sayantan pasted. The HD5770 is a good idea if you can afford it.
  16. Here is what i think....ati 5750 1gb,1gb ddr2 ram@800mhz,zebroncs or coolmaster 500w psu.
    Will dis config play gta4,pes10,fifa10,codmw,crysis at decent settings
  17. Well at that point the limiting factor will be your cpu. It's ok but not particularly good. If you could overclock it that would be great as C2Ds OC very well but you have an intel motherboard and most of them don't allow for overclocking. But yeah, you should be able to play all of those games competently at that resolution. The processor intensive ones like GTA and Crysis wont do as well as the card would usually let you but they should still be playable.
  18. Tagan TG-500-U37 Max Power Upto 600W ATX will cost you Rs. 3100
    and Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W ATX will cost you Rs. 2800

    and if you want second hand power supply of corsair and cooler master in range of 650 watts then you can log on to and go to trade zone and then go to member's market.

    but first become a member
  19. Don't go for Cooler Master 'extreme power'
    I have heard some bad experiences of these.

    With 5750 HD

    You will be able to play almost every game with great frame rate at 1920x1680


    If you are playing at 1680x1050, then 5750 will perform exceptionally for you.
  20. JUst get a Corsair 400CX for Rs 3000
    or Gigabyte Superb 460W for Rs 2200
  21. Guys,u hav helped me a lot bt u r confusin me on da psu part..
    I looked at cooler master xtreme power is it and what is problem with extreme power?
    Also,dnt i need 500w psu,so y r u telin me about psu's of less power
  22. Can i get some good chasis or cabinet with a good psu or shd i buy a psu only.does every psu fit in similar space or one psu takes more space than other
  23. all PSU's will fit in any case
  24. No you don't necessarily need a 500W PSU.

    You should avoid Coolermaster PSU cuz they are time bombs!!!
    Yes, people have experienced such things with lower end CM PSU.

    And Coolermaster Extreme power is 70% efficient.
    While the two I mentioned are more than 80% efficient.That means lower power drawb from AC socket and lower heat dissipation.
  25. gigabyte superb psu,there is 15A at it good enough for 5750 or 5770
  26. obviously not....go for the crossair cx500 or tagan....they are good brands and efficiencies are also high...
  27. ^There's nothing like Corsair cx500

    @OP:Gigabyte Superb has another 12v rail rated at 14A...It has dual rails.It will easily handle your card.

    But Corsair 400CX should be your 1st preference.
  28. Thnx fr ur help guys...i vl buy his 5750,corsair cx400,1gb vl b more than enough da games i play
  29. Thnx fr ur help guys...i vl buy his 5750,corsair cx400,1gb vl b more than enough da games i play
  30. Thnx fr ur help guys...i vl buy his 5750,corsair cx400,1gb vl b more than enough da games i play
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