Hey every one ...i just started building a rig and i gut the Core i7 3770K CPU and i heard the K series is designed to be overclocked ...am still in the process of building and buying (still saving up) but it would be nice to gather a bit more knowledge then what i have now... cause honestly i don't know much about overclocking....

here is what i have now:
Asus SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard ATX factor
intel core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge cpu with the stock fan
8GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3
also just gut the GS700 Corsair PSU with 700W

here are my questions :
1- what are the risks in overclocking ?? and does it effect on other components like the MOBO??

2- with my CPU ..if i want to overclock what kind of cooler should i get??

3- HOW do i overclock ??is it a software i can download ??is there a good guide or tutorial i can follow and learn more about OC???

4-should i actually overclock ??? or is it not much deference???

answer how ever you want as long as its in english NOT IT gibberish ... thank you in advance
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  1. 1. If you push it too far you can make the system unstable. Testing is essential. Worst case(over the top voltage and speeds), you can damage the cpu or burn out the board. Take it slow an don't shoot right for the moon.

    2. If you are on a budget, Hyper 212 EVO(A very good cooler. For the price you will not find better.). If not NH-D14 or similar dual tower cooler. Self contained water coolers are also on the market with the advantage of space savings compared to larger tower coolers.

    3. With a K series cpu you just increase the multiplier to the desired number(so lets say you have a base clock of 100 and want 4.4 ghz set the multi to 44). At some point you may need to add voltage, but don't go overboard.

    4. Free performance :). If all you do is read toms and check facebook, then overclocking is a waste. If you do lots of cpu intensive tasks, overclocking is worth it.

    Here is a guide, that actually links to another forum. Remember, all cpus are different.

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