Is there a way of utilizing 4gb ram on 32bit Xp?

I really want xp because it's snappy does not have too much CPU USAGE..

my plan is

CPU: athlon ii x4 620(2nd HAND)
MOBO: AsRock 880gm-Le
Ram: (2x2gb) G.skill
GPU: HD5670(2nd Hand)

is there any way just to utilize the 4gb :pfff:
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  1. Mmm...There IS a way, but the remaining .75GB will be half the speed of the rest.

    Enable PAE, get RAMDiskPlus, set up settings to allow for un-managed RAM, make a RAMdisk, set pagefile on RAMdisk.
  2. Ok I will not go to Xp32bit but Xp64

    I heard Xp64 has many problem's

    I will only use the (pre-Built) system for MMORPG games , cs1.6 , Css , Frozen Throne,
    Bad Company 2 and ESET NOD32 ANTVIRUS

    Will the Xp64 have no problems with that games??


  3. I've never tested this so it will be interesting to see opinions on it but I believe that the shared graphics memory can come out of the surplus XP doesn't use so if graphics are using 512Kb, you only waste 256. Does anyone know that for certain?

    Either way, though, I see no need for a third party RAM Disk utility. Pagefile.sys works better if it sits on a separate partition so it can be defragged regularly if the system is in permanent use but if it;s turned off at night, defragging isn't necessary. You can set a pagefile size in Windows' own utility.

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