GTX 670 SLI BF3 Crash


So, I have as mentioned above the Gainward GTX 670 in dual SLI with 3 monitors running at 5760x1080.

The problem is however that after I overclocked the cards, had them running stable in Heaven and 3D mark I started playing bf3 and after some time my left and right monitor filled up with small blue squares and everything froze and i had to reboot.

So my question is, is this the result of an unstable OC or something else? Might it be one of the cards reacting to the OC?

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  1. Yup unstable OC
  2. BF3 has a heavier load than Heaven.
  3. Ok, so would I go forward by reduceing by few amounts and wait for a systemcrash or?

    It was kinda wierd since only my left and right monitor had the squares with blue.
  4. Yea, clock back a good 10mhz+.
  5. And so I did, I still feel it's high though, I got my GPU clock offset at 131 and mem offset at 770 mhz, but it runs heaven and 3dmark just fine, that is in 1920x1080.

    Havent been able to test BF3 for crash since there is currently an update in progress.
  6. Downtuned a bit to 130+ and 700+ mem offset, thats from default 980 and 1502.

    Turned out with a graphic card score of 18161 in 3D mark, is this about OK ?
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