AMD A10-5800K vs i5 3350p??

Just curious about how you guys personally feel about these two CPU's being put against one another? It is seeming that the AMD A10 can actually compete with these i5 processor's and with more room to overclock them as well.
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  1. APU's are low budget chips, I5's destroy APU's when you drop in a discrete graphics card, but for the ~$500 range the APU's are perfect
  2. What do you mean by discrete graphics cards? Like any graphics card? Sorry, just haven't heard anyone say it that way.
  3. an add in card, like the HD 6870
  4. Hm...why do people always post in the OC section. :heink:

    Anyways, the i5 still wins.
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    i5 is a superior CPU, but it's also almost twice as expensive, so it's only worth the extra money if you have some high-end graphics. Buy what you can afford that suits your system's balance. If you can afford an i5, then getting one is a good idea if you have a budget of say $700 or higher. Anything lower than about that, the i5 would come at the sacrifice of other components' quality and/or performance and that's not worth it.
  6. did you read the complete review on tom's then you seen that a10 is lower in some parts and made for low budget people so if you have the budget go for the i5
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  8. Alright guys thanks for the answers. I probably should have checked up on tom's reviews first but didn't think about it at the time. Though this is awesome for people making budget builds I must say. My rig is a little more expensive so I will stick with the I5 but I just need to check out what everyone had to say about this new cpu from AMD.
  9. Realize the threads been answered, just chiming in a bit.

    The i5 is a superior CPU. So if you have to do some intensive activity like number crunching or video editing, the i5 will win hands down. Some of the Ivy CPU's have the HD4000 iGPU, which is currently the best graphics Intel offer.

    The AMD APU's are more oriented toward stronger integrated graphics than CPU capability. The performance from an A10's integrated graphics is far above what the HD4000 can provide, despite its lesser CPU ability. You can even pair up the integrated with some low end Radeons in a Hybrid Crossfire, leading to even better graphical performance.

    So, if you need CPU grunt, an i5 is the better option. If you need decent graphics on the cheap, an A10 is the way to go.
    If you are going to include a decent graphics cards though, the i5 is better as then its weak integrated isn't a factor anymore.
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