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Ssd in sata port or gsata

im confused if to have my ssd in sata port or gsata ive heard that each one has a different driver ive tried both the only thing ive seen is the windows score thats different in sata its 7.8 and gsata is 7.9 which one should i have it in
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  1. That's OK, so are we - confused that is.
    ??? and the motherboard is.
    Is Sata port an Intel controlled sata port, is it sata II, or SATA III?
    gsata = Gigabyte sata port ?? and again is it sata II or III?

    And the SSD is ??????

    In general a Sata III SSD performs best on a Intel SATA III port.
    Could elaborate further, but as the old saying goes, I'd be Pis^&^% in the wind.
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    May I assume you have a Gigabyte motherboard? That's the only brand I have run across that uses the term GSATA.

    The Gigabyte GSATA ports use a JMicron controller on the motherboard. Their performance is slightly lower than the other SATA ports using an Intel controller. There is a possibility some users might experience a driver issue when using the GSATA port with a modern ssd.

    I recommend that you do not use the GSATA ports. Instead use one of the Intel ports. Don't forget to check for driver updates too.
  3. Ssd is a crucial 64gb Gsata port is Marvell driver I've put the ssd in either of the first 2 ports motherboard is a G1 guerilla gaming in book says Gsata3 and sata ports 2 other driver is intel ich10r
  4. The Intel ICH10R is the one you want to use. It will work well with the Crucial ssd.
  5. Thanks for ur help I will use that one :)
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