8800 gt 256mb vs 8800 GTS 320mb

XfX Geforce 8800 GTS Alpha Dog XXX Edition 320mb 320 bit Gddr3


XfX Geforce 8800GT Alpha Dog edition 256mb 256 bit Gddr3

I have a 19' Monitor..
Both the Cards have the Same price.but.which one is better for gaming ?
XXX edi or the simple edi ?
GT or GTS ? which one ?
320mb or 256 mb ?
320bit vs 256 bit ?

Please Reply ASAP...I want to Buy the CArd Today..
please Compare both the Cards and please tell me which one will be better !!!and faster..?
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  1. They are basically equal. Are these your only options? Both of those cards are old and neither is particularly good.
  2. right now i have 3 options..lol 9600gso and these 2 cards..lol...
    ahh i know my budget sux...no need to tell me..
  3. What are the specs of the 9600 GSO? It is probably your best choice but there are several different versions of the card so I would need to know more.
  4. what do you mean they are not good ?
    can't i play latest games on max settings and 1280 x 1024 resolution ?
    if i have 1 of these cards ?
  5. @jyjjy
    XFX 9600GSO 384mb (192 Bit) PCI Express
  6. Go for the GSO as long as it has DDR3 memory. The 192-bit version is the one with 96 stream processors which is good. It also overclocks very well(probably up to 700mhz from the stock setting of 550.) It wont allow you to max out every game at that resolution but it will on a lot of games and come close on most others.
  7. that 9600GSO is ddr3 !
    so you are saying that this 9600GSO will out perform both these 8800's ?
    by a very good margin ? :s

    so what will be your final suggestions from these 3 cards...which one is better?
  8. and yeah what Do you think about 9600GT 512mb 256 bit ? is that card the best compared with these 3 cards ?
  9. Yeah, the 9600GT is better. The GSO is better than the other 2.
    This chart is good for general reference although not perfect;
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