Dell i7 920 at 1.524V stock, looking to redece voltage

Hi, the title says it...

I bought a Dell Studio XPS 9100 about 2 years ago, and I've always struggled with heat...

I bought a new case now with a CPU fan, hoping it'll help,
but the stock voltage is just ridiculously high for nothing and it's sure it doesn't help the heat...

So is there a way I can "downclock" it or i can't?

(Telling me to buy a new Mother Board isn't an answer,
I know a new one would help, but I'd preffer keeping my money if possible...)

Thanks in advance :S
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  1. I highly doubt it..most mass-produced PCs from large companies have very little you can change in the BIOS. You could get into the BIOS and check to be sure..but I really doubt there will be much you can do, unfortunately.
  2. It is unlikely that there are settings in the Dell BIOS to support changing the CPU voltage. But it is worthwhile to check to see if the settings are there. Your CPU should operate at a voltage between .8-1.375 V. check ARK for your CPU’s voltage specs. If you cannot change the voltage in the BIOS your only option is to get a new 1366 motherboard.
  3. Are you sure you're looking at the right reading....?
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