Bad GPU/Power Supply/Mobo/CPU ?

So here is how it started. I was playing MW2 on my home built system (Built 2 years ago no problems). I was in the middle of a game, and it froze. I got alot of artifacts and crazy colors (tie dye look). So long story short, I send my card back to EVGA (Nvidia 8800GT), and reinstall the new card. Two weeks later, I get the same problem. So I call EVGA, and they send me another 8800GT. I put that card in and boom same issue, except it took like 2 minutes this time. Everything seems normal upon first installation of video card, and then as soon as I kick on my game it messes up. So I'm thinking okay its not the video card (3rd video same problem). I call EVGA and they say that its either the power supply (Corsair 450W) or its a bad PCIE slot on mobo (Asus P5k-e wifi). If its a bad power supply, they said that it could have fried my video card. If its simply a bad slot on my video card, then it couldnt have fried my video card. They said that they did however test my video cards, and they both were bad. So my first reaction is that it has to be my power supply. So i bought a new power supply (Corsair 550W), hook it up last night and I still have no resolution. My computer will only get as far as to let me login into windows vista and then a black screen with nothing. So i guess its possible that my power supply went bad and fried my video card this last time before I could shut it down, but is there anything else anyone can think of that might be an issue. Upon multiple restarts of my computer, I am getting some multi colored pixels etc. that suggest possibly another bad video card. Could it possibly be my Mobo slot, or my CPU? Right now I am swapping parts, and my next swap is probably the mobo. I am going to try my vid card on my friends computer first to see if that is the issue. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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  1. Sorry but I didnt know which forum to put this topic, since I dont know what the problem is. A little help would be nice, instead of your smarta** remarks. Douche.
  2. When you start up the pc does it get to about the same spot each time? If so try reinstalling windows on a different hard drive. If it just randomly drops it could be your motherboard.
  3. Next time just post it in one spot. The moderators will move it if it belongs somewhere else. Best to keep everything in one thread.

    -prime95 check CPU stability for 6 hours
    -memtest86 check ram stability for 6 hours.
    -if you have integrated graphics, try booting with those. or if you have and old PCI card.

    But yeah it sounds like EVGA is right, if both the other cards are broken. I would agree send your third one back and get a replacement. Hopefully it will work in your computer now with a new PSU.
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