Hi all!

Based on my specs below do you think I should go for more speed? Will a faster clock speed harm my CPU?

Thanks everyone! :D
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  1. There's no advantage of having anything above 4.9ghz.
  2. I seriously doubt you have safe voltage and temps at 4.9Ghz with an H100 anyway.
  3. One would think that, but my temps are in the 65 C range
  4. You got way lucky in the chip lottery then ;)
  5. Thanks :D Do you think I should push for more? Or is it all the same after a point and just numbers?
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    Anything over 4.5Ghz is really just fluff. You will see very little if any real world gains from going over that. There are a few things like video encoding that can see an increase in performance but unless you run your CPU at 100% most of the time I would leave it where it is and count yoursef lucky.
  7. You appear very knowledgeable on this, would you drop down the clock speed? I busted out my old AMD computer and I am definitely not doing that with this one.
  8. If you were running a multi high end GPU setup then the higher clocks would help too. Something like 3 or 4 GTX 680s or 2 x GTX 690s.
  9. yeah I can't afford that :P Well thanks for the information! It was very helpful :)
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  11. If you are really at 1.3v and 65C when running prime 95 and the chip passes 10 to 12 hours of Prime 95 with no errors then you are fine as far as I am concerned. Hell I am at 1.32v for a stable 4.5Ghz with my 2600K. You are safe with Sandy Bridge chips long term up to 1.4v as long as you have a good motherboard with good voltage regulation. Some people even go higher but personally I am happy closer to 1.3v. Your temps are fine too but I would not go any higher. The H100 is a great cooler it's just expensive.
  12. lik3abau55 said:
    yeah I can't afford that :P Well thanks for the information! It was very helpful :)

    Me either! lol

    Glad I could help.
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