My AMD Athlon II X4 630 "Propus" temp readings

I am new to overclocking so I was trying to check my CPU's temperature at idle in Win7 Ultimate 64Bit. But all the programs I have downloaded (Speed fan, HWMonitor and CoreTemp) all give a temperature of 0 degrees celsius, but my motherboard gives me a reading in the BIOS of 46 degrees celsius. How do I get the programs to work, as mainly I do not want to keep rebooting to see my temperature, even the programs can see the CPU model and the stress on it but not the temperature. Any help?
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  1. Have you tried HWmonitor?
  2. try realtemp
  3. Yeah , but it says the same as everything else.

    It says 0 degrees celsius, 32 degrees farenheit.
  4. And realtemp says the processor is not supported
  5. does you mobo fully support your cpu? maybe you need to flash bios
  6. What versions are you using? I have no problems with my 620.

    Good point demonnn.
  7. I don't think there's any problem with the motherboard as it can see the CPU perfectly and I've had no problems
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