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I have been doing some research for a ssd for my new computer I just made. It has an i5 2500k, asrock extreme 3 gen 3 mobo, 8gb of gskill ram. I am a bit confused about the different controller types and how they effect the speed and reliability of the drive.

It seems that sandforce have about 540 read and 510 write on the new controller platform.

But when I look at a crucial M4 it seems to have similar read times but the write is far below.

Is it just the way the ssds are tested that isn't standard and causing such a big difference in the write speeds or is it the controller? I want to buy a 120/128 gb ssd that is fast and reliable and about 180-190 is the top of my budget.

I see the article on here about the OCZ Vertex 3 recommending it for that price range but on newegg it has quite a few bad reviews and I want something that is reliable and performs well.

Can someone please help me understand why there is such a large difference in write speeds on the different ssds and maybe recommend one or the other and give support. I am concerned about real world performance not just benchmarks.

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  1. OCZ has had some issues with their recent SSDs. I have heard nothing but good things about the Samsung 830 series though. They are known to be very reliable and I believe the OEMs like Dell are going to start using them. That alone says good things about them because if nothing else OEMs are cheap and do not like to replace faulty parts!

    Gets the recommended buy from Tom's.,3115-4.html
  2. nearly all of OCZ's drives are sketchy, based on reviews.

    Samsung 830 series and Intel 320/510 series should be stable and fast. Intel's drives a better at writes than Samsung and probably more commercial grade, but both should be solid.
  3. Thanks for the fast replies and confirming my thoughts on the OCZ drives. I am not going to hold anything super important on this drive so if you had to rate the performance and reliability of the Corsair Force Series GT vs the SAMSUNG 830 Series would one come out as the clear winner. It appears to me that maybe Samsung is a bit more reliable but the Corsair has the edge for performance.

    Is this true. And do you think the Corsair is reliable enough?
  4. Yeah the Corsair is a good drive. I think the orignal problem was with the Sandforce 2200 controller and it has been fixed at this point. If you read the SSD article you will see there is a less than 3% difference in the slowest vs the fastest SSD. Those performance numbers listed by the manufacturer are of course best case numbers for the drive being measured. Even my year and a half old Vertex 2 is so far ahead of a mechanical hard drive that a few % more performance here or there makes little difference. Either the Corsair or the Samsung are great choices. If it was me buying new it would be the Samsung though just based on reliability.
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