New I7 build with increased budget

Ok to begin with this will be my 2nd desktop build trying to keep it at around $1900 but i want a 5970 on it.

This is what i have came up with so far on my new I7 build

i was curious of what you guys think of this build, what you would do differently, or go a entire different direction altogether.


BUDGET RANGE: around $1900

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, movies, music, trying to make a system that will last quiet a while

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: no need for speakers or mouse or monitor and i am a college student so i can get windows 7 cheap

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg but willing to try other places


PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type Intel

OVERCLOCKING: light over clock probably 3.33ghz on the I7

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: not right now but possibly when i purchase a new monitor
MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050 will be upgrading in the future

EDIT: Also will the antec cp-1000 be sufficient if i run 2 5970s in crossfirex ?
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  1. While you have a good grasp on the faster cpu & best chipset/socket, you're buying a dinosaur in terms of next-gen storage. It won't load any faster than my $1000 rig cuz you don't have a SSD. Also, you can buy 2 HD 5970 in CF, but you WON'T ever use up its power cuz you're at 1050. That's retarded. The highest gpu I'd go with for that res is HD 5770/5850.

    Look into a 30/60GB SSD like Vertex. Keep the TB as backup.
  2. well im bumping my graphics card down to a 5870 and when i purchase my new monitor il just get another 5870 and crossfire them
  3. A couple of suggestions:

    PSU: You don't need the modular version. Right now, there' a SeaSonic 850W for $110 that's higher quality and cheaper.

    Cooling: Grab the Coolermaster Hyper 212 for $30. It's one of the best coolers as well as being one of the cheaper ones.

    Fans: You really don't need more case fans.

    With those savings, and what's left of the budget ($301), get a 1900x monitor to acutally use that GPU.

    I'm not in agreement with p55ibexpeak on the SSD. They're very expensive right now, and they don't improve in game performance at all. All they will do is make the computer boot quickly and start the programs quickly. Not worth the good $200-300 in my opinion. In addition, they're new tech, so they aren't the most reliable. You can always add one later when the price is reasonable.
  4. would you suggest a 1920x1080 or a 1920x1200 ? i was always told the 1920x1200 was the beter one to get but the only one in my price range is a 24in samsung.
  5. No idea. I'm not great with picking out monitors.
  6. 1920 x 1080 works fine. It's a big price jump to the x 1200 and 16:9 is the most common widescreen ratio atm. (x1200 is 16:10)

    24.6" Hanns G 1920x1080 $179.99, deal ends today

    If you went P55 you could fit a 5970, 1920 monitor and SSD into that $1900 price tag.

    A P55 vs x58 comparison I've been posting

    Don' t know why ppl have such a hardon over the i7-920. It is worse at gaming than an i5. Worse at everything vs an i7-860.,2499-8.html

    It's 4% FPS increase w/ xfire due to dual x16in gaming is negated the 860's better performance, or completely negated by using a 5970.

    Also this diff is pretty much negated by using a NF 200 MOBO,2537-11.html

    i7-920 only ties a Phenom II x4, half it's price, even with a 5970.

    i7-920 has horrible minimum frame rates. Worse than even Core 2 Duo and Quads in some games. P55 CPU's and AMD Phenom II's don't.

    Triple Channel offers no difference at worse, a only discernible in benchmarks difference at best.

    P55 chips use less power and run cooler than x58.,2410-13.html

    The only advantage of the i7-920 is that you can upgrade to an i9 later this year. The questions is, after buying a i7-920 for nearly $300, do you really want to upgrade to a estimated $600 chip within the year?

    If not, both x58 and P55 will be outdated in a year when 22nm sockets come out.

    I have an i7-920 system and an i5-750 system. The i7 was great when I built it a year ago. Currently, I see absolutely no reason to go with x58.
  7. You won't need to xfire 5970's. Heck even for 1920x1080 a 5970 is overkill.

    By the time anything comes out that can't be maxed out at 1920 w/ a 5970 you'll have much better GPU's to buy.
  8. I agree with banthracis, with one minor exception: Eyefinity setups. That setup could potentially max out a 5970, but it still won't require dual 5970s, and actually going out and spending the $600+ on 3 monitors is not a good idea.
  9. main reason im not going with the 5970 right now is its next to impossible to find for one. and for 1920x1080 there is no need for it yet and when the times comes for me to need more power i can just add another 5870 to the mix or a different video card altogether at that time.
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