ATI 5850 Current Values Wrong!?

Hello I have just done a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 and installed the latest drivers from the ATI website. When I load up the ATI Control Panel and check the current values they are really low! I thought to check them when I loaded up Mass Effect 1 and I was getting 20fps. Please see below for a screenshot and the Current Values!

Anyone know whats happening to my graphics card its less than 1 month old.

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  1. Because you are in Windows (not very demanding) the card downclocks to save power. As soon as you start something up, those values will return to the ones listed in the box above.
  2. OMG !!!!! How many people don't know about 2D mode!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    The clocks are 157/300 because your not using a 3d app like a game. Its trying to save energy by lowering it clocks from 725/1000 (3dMode) to 157/300 (2Dmode)

    When you launch a game it will go into 3dmode. Your card is peachy, nothing wrong, its doing what it should do
  3. Thanks xD must be somthing wrong with my Direct X or the actual game them working fine on other games now.

    Thanks again sorry for being a noobie lol
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