@BIOS Installstion problem


i have gigbayte 785gt ud3h motherboard

which iam trying to update its bios

but i always get this error message whenever i try



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  1. Welcome newcomer. Try downloading and using the USB BIOS updater. Updating BIOS using Windows is not a recommendable procedure. If you don't have a flash drive handy, you could opt for a different method, such as a floppy.
  2. thats what i just did (look at the pic's) but there is this problem which stopes the installsion

    from what i found on google, it can happen i someone upgraded his hardware without reinstalling windows ...>>> i did upgraded my hardware installed windows without reformating but all windows folder was replaced with knew files so why is it difrent from installing???

    also the same error pop up when ever i put in the motherboard drivers & utlites DVD and try to update install the @bios utlity or whatever on the DVD
  3. There is more than one way to update your BIOS. Updating your BIOS in Windows is the less effective method, as you have experienced. @BIOS is a Graphic User Interface (GUI, I.E. Windows, method.

    My suggestion was to use the USB to update the BIOS by having the USB as the first bootable device. When the BIOS sees the update file, you will be prompted to update in a non-GUI environment.
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