Need Opinion on new Pc

I need your opinion on a new Pc I'll be building soon.
Mostly 3d,some gaming & general purpose.
I want a good solid pc but not a power hungry one.
Might do some oc.

cpu - athlon 2 x 4 630 OR athlon 2 x 3 435
mb - gigabyte MA770T - UD 3P
ram - 2gb ( for now ) Patriot Viper 2 DDr3 low latency
gpu - Sapphire HD5770 or HD 5850
psu - Cooler master real power modular eps v2.91 520W
tft - hannsG 24.6" wide HH251Hp
os - XP or Win7

I already have a case ( albiet an old one ) & 2 satas

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    CPU: I choose the 630
    MB: Good
    RAM: I would for 4GB.
    GPU: 5850 is the best option.
    PSU: Good and enough for your rig.
    TFT: What price? i have a samsung 2333 1920x1080
    OS: Win 7 for the 4GB.

    Your case need a good airflow
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply Saint19,

    The HAnnsG 24.6" is also 1920 x 1080 & it costs 250 euros locally ( that's Malta, Europe ) , the Samsung would cost more,for sure. eg. The Samsung 24"Wide SM2494HM 1920 x 1080 costs 335 euros.

    As for cooling, I'll get a pair of superb Enermax 8cm or 9cm Everest Batwings.

    My main concern is that the 630 is not classed as a good gaming cpu, on this site ??? and I can't understand why ...

  3. 1- ups, expensive. The HannsG is good.

    2- Usually it's 'cause the 620 and 630 don't have L3 cache memory. You can read THIS and you can see that the 630 is a very good processor.
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