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1tb 7200rpm hdd or 120gb ssd

what should i get i can only get one the pc is going to be a gaming rig
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  1. I would get the SSD as HDD prices are still sky-high. If you have a spare HDD, use that for now.
  2. i dont it sucks lol so should i get the ssd now then get a hdd when prices drop ? or just get another ssd?
  3. If you have alot of music, videos and stored files get the 1TB hard drive. If you are only using the computer for gaming, browsing ect. with only some smallish files to store like pictures get the SSD and get a mechanical drive when prices come down.

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Office 2007, other programs and about 10-12 games and I have 33GB free space on my Vertex 2 120GB.
  4. 128 gb isn't enough storage for a gaming rig imo.

    I made the same mistake and used a 128gb drive as a main drive - by the time you put windows, drivers, etc you only have enough space for 4-5 games.

    If I had it over I would go a black HD and add a SSD for gaming when 240gb becomes affordable. Keeping in mind that steam forces you to put all games on the one drive.

    Another option is to put in a small and relatively cheap SSD just for caching.
  5. i have no pics or music to be stored, all that will be on the pc is games skype hwmonitor and prime 95 along with the main windows home premium 64 bit stuff. that kind of worrys me about the one harddrive tho, they dont allow you to transfer to another drive?
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    You will be fine with an SSD if you do not have files to store. I have no idea how that other guy ran out of space with 4 or 5 games. There are quite a few good guides on how to optimize Windows for an SSD including turning off Indexing and Hibernation, not having a page file if you have more than 4GB of RAM, turning off system restore ect. that will free up quite a bit of space.

    I have some decent sized games too like Skyrim, Far Cry 1 and 2, Bioshock, Half Life 2 + EP 1 and EP 2, Fallout NV, Civ 5 ect. 10 or 12 total. I do uninstall when I am done with them for a while but with Steam it's as easy as just downloading a game again when I want to play it.
  7. i think ill go with the ssd then lol, and in my op bioshock=one of the best story driven games out there played through it more than once on xbox
  8. Yeah it's a great game. My only complaint is that it was too short. I cant wait for BioShock Infinite later this year.
  9. Well as far as moving the steam files you can use Symbolic Links in Windows Vista/7 it will make a "Folder" that redirects to another folder making it look like the game is where it was (Uninstalling/patching will still work etc). This can be used by those with SSD's and 1 HDD to allow them to pick what programs are stored where. You can't move major files but you will be able to move applications to another drive after installing them either using "Safe Mode" or moving them when they are not running depending on the program.

    EDIT: Oh and to get this to work you need to first move the application to the other drive then make a symbolic "Folder" that points to the moved folder with the same name as that folder.
    Step 1 -> Move C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\ to D:\Games\portal 2\
    Step 2 -> Create Symbolic link C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2 Pointing to D:\Games\portal 2\

    Links ->

    Wiki explanation->
    GUI Utility ->
  10. ohhh yes infinite i cant wait either the e3 trailer was great, and yes i agree the story was way to short but definently a well thaught out one.irrational games would you kindly continue to deliver great games to us as buyers :p. how hard would it be to buy the ssd now and use that for everything then move my os to a seperate 80 gb ssd later on so i have a game drive and a boot drive then have a 1tb for photos and such
  11. With an SSD you do not need seperate boot and game drives. That would really be a waste of money. Just add a regular hard drive later for storage.
  12. ok well hopefully the harddrive shortage gets back to normal sometime soon lol. thanks for the help
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  14. No problem. Enjoy the new SSD. You will never go back to a standard HD!
  15. I know that you got your answer, but many people forget about the SSD HDD Hybrid. It is above the 7200 RPM and 10k RPM. And only slightly behind the SSD. a 500 GB drive runs about $150. Best thing to get IMO.
  16. think ill stick to the ssd lol
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