Gtx 275 and some screen issues.

I have, for the last couple months, been experiencing an interesting issue. I do not know if it is monitor related of if it is a graphics card issue. Anyhow, my screen will go blank for about 2 seconds randomly and come right back on with no other problems, when it does this I get my typical box that says "dvi connected" or something like that on the screen once it comes back on. It has happened in both windows 7 and vista, and I cant seem to recreate the event it is very random. Unfortunately I do not have another monitor to hook up to see if the event occurs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. umm, have another computer or laptop?
    U might want to try your monitor there, if the problem still exist then it could be your monitor is in trouble...
  2. I have the same issue. I play WoW and there are times I can play for hours with no problems but then I can have this blank screen issue show up several times within a few minutes and then gone again. I'm sure we're not using the same monitor or computer and I have been keeping my Nvidia drivers up-to-date. Have anyone found out what the cause is?

    Dell XPS 700
    4GB ram
    2 X Gforce GTX 275 (non-SLi mode)
    Dell 17" Monitor
    Windows 7 64-bit OS
  3. bump de bump, I have the same problem with the same video card, I can't get a response from Blizzard either, Anyone had a fix yet?
  4. i got the same problem, but the screen doesnt go blank. it just freezes.
    help please
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