DELL AIO 942 Printer WON\'T Print in XP

All of a sudden, I can't print anything from the computer (files, Internet copy, photos) on my Dell AIO 942. The printer itself is working, as it makes copies and scans. I made sure the settings (online, etc.) are correct; that I'm connected to USP virtual printer port; that printer is default printer and is "ready"). I tried rebooting computer. I disconnected power cord and USB cable for a while. I tried system restore, but I'm only being given a choice to restore to yesterday and today. Nothing's working. Have no one around to help. Am at wit's end. HELP! Please...
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    Try re-installing the driver files from the supplied CD. If you can't find the CD you can download new drivers from the Dell website:

    If you are not in the UK, click "United Kingdom" at top-left to see a country menu.
  2. Thank you! I uninstalled from the US Dell site (since I live in the States), then reinstalled from there. It worked. :bounce:
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