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Ok I have question regarding installing windows on my HDD with my new mobo. Ok so I'm going to be formatting my current HDD(which I hope wipes it clean) to do a windows install for my new mobo. My question is, should I format the drive before I connect to my new mobo or should I just connect it to my new mobo boot up from the windows 7 CD and format/install from there? If I should wipe it clean before I connect it and install how would I do that? I know I can format in windows but I don't think I can format the drive currently in use lol or can you? Also I've read you have to format it 7 times to wipe it clean? I'm just super confused. I want to have no issues with this. The HDD currently has a backup partition on it from HP called D drive. I don't care about it. I have what I want stored on an external HDD that I will connect via usb and xfer the data. will that HP partition cause problems as well?
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  1. At installation time, just delete both partitions and then use the whole drive. Why would you format the hard disk 7 times? Does it contain data that needs to be gone forever and absolutely unrecoverable, no matter what tools are used? Formatting it 7 times still wouldn't achieve that.
  2. Oh lol I have nothing to hide :D just read somewhere is all. Ok so when I attach it and boot up from the CD and go to the custom part for the install it will show the partition from HP and the one windows is on? So I just want to click them and delete them? Or Do I click format?
  3. Delete them first. Then use the whole disk.
  4. Ok, sounds pretty straight forward. Ty for the response. If I have any issue arise I'll be sure to post back.
  5. So wait sry, I don't have to format the drive at all, after I delete the partitions? Even though it has a OEM version of windows from hp on it?
  6. The installation will format it once you select that disk.
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