Remove every last trace of Outlook Express!?

This stupid popup keeps asking me if I want outlook express to compress files. I don't use outlook express. MY mom originally owned this computer and had AOL and was not real computer literate. I have all kinds of what I consider mal ware that keeps installing itself despite my repeated removing it through her old AOL programs. Relevant Knowledge, whatever the hell that is, keeps reinstalling itself and there seems no way to get rid of it. I use online email because I know that I would rather let them deal with the viruses and crap. I don't open emails from anyone I don't know but if programs like outlook are still collecting data on my computer, then, I don't want the lack of disk space.
PLease let me know how to disable outlook and all the other AOL crap, please.
Thank You,
Steve Walker of Phoenix, AZ
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  1. Outlook is in a startup folder. right click on explore, drill down to start menu, programs, startup, and remove the outlook icon, it may be under your user, default user, or all users. Try running Once it starts hit cancel, then run full scan.
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