Which Video Card to get?

I'm building a rig right now.

It's going to be mostly for Guildwars 2, Battlefield 3, and Borderlands 2.

I was thinking of getting Radeon HD 7950 (XFX) but when I started looking what's good for Borderlands 2. I'm seeing a lot of people having problems with Radeon HD Video Cards with Phys X on. I'll be either getting the CPU i5-3570k/2500k Max oc'ing will be 4.2-4.4.

What you guys think?

I'm either getting GTX 660 Ti or 670 or Radeon 7950 or 7870 GHz Edition.

I don't mind paying a bit extra for fps.

I'm not using 3 monitors but only two. One screen for gaming as I don't like the gaps in between them.

I was pretty sold on 7950 with Battefield 3 Ultra settings but now I'm not sure because of Borderlands 2.

What do you guys think?
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  1. i would go with the 670, IMO nvidia owns the high end GPU market right now
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    Since you're in the overclocking section, you might want to steer towards the AMD cards. They tend to overclock a little better. The GTX 670 is still an excellent card though, overclock or not.

    The GTX 660 Ti is a bit of a mixed bag because of its memory limitation. In some cases it serves up awesome performance and in others it's disappointing.

    PS: PhysX is a proprietary Nvidia thing. AMD cards aren't supposed to work with it.
  3. I'm not really going to overclock my cards too far. If I get the 7950, max ill do is 1000.

    Is PhysX really that great? I'm all about the fps + good graphics.
  4. not really, PhysX really dosen't live up to the hype IMO
  5. the 7950 for sure.
  6. Thank you, I will get 7950! SOLD
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  8. 7950 is really the best value. 310$ for 90% of the performance of the 7970 for 70% of the cost.

    Physx is a really nice idea and effect, mabey overhyped but i would say worth it.

    Overclocking an AMD vs Nvidia card is definetly more benificial. AMD cards get twice the preformance gain than Nvidia cards from overclocking. Altough its not quite as big of a gap as you might think, the 680 hold very well at 1200mhz in benchmarks.
  9. just stay away from the GHz edition cards with the boost frequency, i've only heard bad about those cards
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